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Whatever is happening in your life, good or bad 
Whatever winding path you have walked thus far 
Whatever your hopes and dreams, lost or found 
Whatever challenges faced, past or present. 
You are on the road walked by others before you 
You are in a place where others have previously dwelt 
You too can make the choice to stay as you are 
Or to believe that things can, and will, change. 
Intentional conversations have a purpose, and conversations with purpose can lead to forward movement and change. 
We have conversations all the time, usually with others but also in our own minds and often these are general conversations or thoughts that flit in and out depending the on the day and often driven by external circumstances. It is when we focus fully on the conversation, with another person, and speak with purpose that the conversation becomes intentional. 
How often do we have "intentional conversations" though? 
Conversations with a purpose, structured conversations to achieve a goal or a breakthrough, conversations which ask for help may not happen as often as we like. We may not even see them as a possibility other than in situations where another person is in control and setting the agenda. However, when two people get together with purpose to explore a life issue and both have an equal contribution to make, then the conversation becomes intentional and full of potential. 
I'm Mairi Perks, a therapeutic counsellor and counselling supervisor with over 20 year's experience in the field. I have counselled clients of all ages, particularly in response to bereavement and loss, but have worked with many diverse presenting issues. The same applies to my supervision work, supporting counsellors, and student counsellors, in the fields of Addiction, Domestic abuse, Bereavment and Loss as well as general low level mental well-being issues.  

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The purpose of this website is to introduce counsellors and members of the public to our podcasts which are aimed at demystifying, and opening accessability to, the counselling process as well as sharing thoughts and ideas with you. Sharing our experience and received wisdom is at the heart of what we do because, we believe, it opens up opportunities for conversation and change. 
I hope our podcasts resonate with you. If you would like to give feedback, or discuss anything raised in any podcasts do reach out, conversation is a two-way process. 
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